Break into the Korean Blockchain Industry.

Viral Nation provides a global bridge into the Korean Market. Supplying customized market
strategy and blockchain business architecture advisory services.


Viral Nation provides Ultra-High-Centric customized Consulting and Advisory services for any blockchain project that is trying to enter the Korean Market. We have a vast network of partners within the Korean Blockchain community and globally that ranges between exchanges, venture capital funds, marketers, influencers, media, incubators, smart-contract auditors, and other blockchain related projects. At Viral nation our focus is on your company and providing you an efficient Blockchain solution. We offer 1on1 advisory services and staff training for technology application. We pride ourselves in providing periodic detailed reports. Viral Nation assists social bridging services to global companies seeking to expand into the Korean market by providing the most cost-effective overall service with Industry Stakeholders. We contribute to improve the market value of cryptocurrency and the entire blockchain industry by operating a media channel that provides fair information that can reverse the negative image of cryptocurrency that is currently flooding the media. We work hand in hand with other media outlets and influencers to share relevant fact-checked information regarding both crypto and blockchain technology.

Our Services

Market Entry Advisor/Consulting

  • Develop

    Marketing strategy and business architecture specifically designed for the Korean Market. Create a way for clients to get a specified read and understanding of the Korean Blockchain Market and the potential for the client to expand within that market, as well as strategize marketing tactics in the shortest time possible. Customized marketing strategy and detailed outline based on the needs of the client for the most efficient and cost effective expansion into the Korea Market.
  • Educate

    Companies looking to enter the country on business mannerisms and help develop a very customized network of partnerships for the individual needs of each company.
  • Networking and Introductions

    Create and schedule meetings networking opportunities with possible Investors/Funds, Marketing powerhouses, collaborative opportunities, Exchanges, Media Outlets, Influencers, Regulators in Korea, and strategic partnerships in Korea.
  • Content Creation

    Interviews with some of the most reputable Influencers, Journalists, TV stations, and other media outlets throughout the country to create a positive brand image

Enterprise Consulting

  • Deep Dive

    We provide deep dive into the profit margins and business architecture of Enterprise Corporations looking to develop a Block-Chain solutions looking to develop a Block-Chain solution for their company.
  • Interview

    We interview personnel and help strategize the most effective usecase for Blockchain without destroying the current liquidity inflow.
  • Education

    We operate workshops to educate employees in your corporation about Blockchain through intensive workshops.
  • Develop

    We develop Block-Chain solutions with real world applications/usecases that realize and create fluid transitions into Block-Chain.
  • Analysis

    We draw up a report, detailing the possible applications and usecases, showing examples and costs.
  • Navigation

    We navigate through the Blockchain Ecosystem to develop the necessary cost-effective solutions and long-term create partnerships.
  • Network and Introductions

    We help build extensive networks constructed with the current specialists who can provide the best solutions and aid in token economics. We suggest introductions with developers, blockchain architects, auditors, funds, and some of the world’s most recognized advisors. (As well as development firms and incubators.)
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